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There exists numerous software development companyes today with offers that you cannot easily believe. You know which ones we are talking about - maybe you saw some of them even today. The differences between software solution development are unbelievable. Why to choose us?


For App Discounts (by Vignesh)

A great help and service for devs. What more could a dev want?

For Protect smiley (by Benutzer)

Really good game gets the brain cells going can be very frustrating :-)

For Controller emulator (by Dreammyw0w)

Very nice app! It works an is easy to connect! You only need to download the server side(see about section in the app). Needs better messages.


Gamepad emulator
Controller emulator is an innovative concept for using your mobile phone as controller for your computer games. It gives you the oportunity to use your phone as a joystick enabled controller that appears on the screen or use your phone as a steering wheel with the help of your mobile phone accelerometer having 4 extra programmable buttons for every mode available. It can support up to 255 controllers but if you can use that many then good job and it can convert single player designed games to multiplayer. You can be driving the car while your c...
Protect smiley
Oh no The evil cloud wants to harm the cute smileys by pouring its stars on them Help them to get through all 32 levels by covering them A puzzle game for hard core solvers You think you can get through all 32 levels Levels are about to blow your mind But dont get disapointed if you fail a level the first time You can always try again ...
Bouncing ballz
The ballz need to reach the basket in safety. Can you help them all Sounds easy Lets see how you will do it when you have springs vortexes would sticks rotating objects and balls full of spikes in your levels. Arent you tired of 20 seconds looping background music We were tired too That is why we included 2 soundtracks and many sound effects in our game. There are 32 levels included in the initial version which are actually teaser levels of the levels included in the next updates. We hope you will enjoy our game as much as we did creating it ...
Properties FS
Είναι γεγονός οτι το internet έχει κατακτήσει τη ζωή μας. Μέσω του internet ο καθένας βρίσκει ότι ακριβώς χρειάζεται. Για αυτό το λόγο δημιουργήθηκε το Properties FS. Το Properties FS είναι ένα πλήρης CRM για μεσιτικά γραφεία. Σας βοηθάει να προωθήσετε σωστά τα ακίνητά σας στα real estate portals να διαχειριστειτε τις επαφές σας τους ...